Hello, I'm Nicolas Bustamante

I was born and raised in Paris, and I now live in San Francisco. I briefly studied at the Ecole Normale SupΓ©rieure and UC Berkeley before dropping out at 21 to start a company.

I founded Doctrine, a legal information platform that makes the law accessible and understandable for lawyers. Our goal is to improve the legal system by organizing the world's legal information. We think that humanity will create more wealth thanks to a more efficient legal system. As the CEO of Doctrine, I contributed to hiring 184 people, securing tens of millions of dollars in debt and equity funding, and building a fast-growing, nine digits ARR, profitable B2B SaaS startup. I now work as a chairman on strategy, finance, M&A. If you live in Europe, you should consider joining Doctrine, a rare, profitable, high-impact, fast-growing startup.

I want to build multi-decade businesses with long-term people. I'm working to level up our legal and financial systems to modern standards. Upgrading the operating system of our society will unlock trillion of wealth to push humanity forward.


I enjoy building companies to achieve societal goals. I like selecting the team, fostering strong company culture, scaling the organization, talking to customers, developing a product, and allocating capital. I have expertise in scaling B2B companies, and I love to talk with other founders about org charts, distribution channels, competitive moats, positioning, pricing, sales strategies, ideal metrics (CAC/LTV, ARR/FTE, NDR)...

I'm a big proponent of value investing, and I read every book about Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, Benjamin Graham, or Mark Leonard. I love the combination of patience, skepticism, contrarianism with aggressiveness when the right time comes. I see no better investing style than buying an asset for less than its intrinsic value and hold it for the long term.

I aspire to be a better person. A bunch of adverse events in 2020 made me think about happiness and the meaning of life. I'm today more proactive and intentional when it comes to personal development and building meaningful relationships.


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